NUMBER 313.

"Nicht das pflanzliche Gebilde, sondern das Bildungsgesetz desselben war es, das der Mensch in die Kunst übertrug"

“(...) It was not the vegetable organism itself but its structural law that humans transferred into art.” Wilhelm Worringer.

The point of these lines is to make you aware of a space and a time that intersect on the surface of the Globe, at the level of our eyes, to stimulate a pulsation that generates stillness. This pulsation is the present. The stillness of the present. Our present: past and future.
Planes, lines and cuts are matter. Matter that generates space. Space between two or more substances: planes. Space is not built. It is defined. We describe solid environments.
You, one: external path. A constructed environment where emotions can be articulated and conscience orbited. I, another: approach along the margin. Along the transverse cut. An internal path, flat. You and I travel through the cut-intersection motor. Through the force of the transfer that emanates from their encounters. Time is the movement between various planes. It harmonizes imbalances and prioritizes the outcome. Time is the connection between two distant planes in the void, generating a space.
A creative connection between the unconscious and the conscious. First identities: traces that articulate a state of conscience. The first trace. The first element. The arc. The horizon. The human.

Jaime Refoyo
Barcelona, May 2008